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Domain The Net, an Israeli licensed registrar of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), provides business and private clients with a wide range of Internet solutions including domain registration, domain transfer, domain renewal, hosting packages, a variety of security certificates, spam prevention, anti-virus and more. The company also specializes in Digital Brand Security solutions and domain name management solutions. Domain the Net initiated and established BrandShield, a sister company that developed an innovative and unique online brand protection and cyber intelligence system for protecting global brands on the Internet.
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Behind every successful business there is a domain.
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Additional Services
The most comprehensive information about occupied domains, including owner information, when and where was register and more. Read More
Find unauthorized changes with your domain registrar. Read More
Preventing unauthorized changes with your domain registrar.
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Domain Mask
Prevent posting your information as a domain owner on Whois.
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The best way to protect your domain name with new services such as NameLock, NameWatch, warning service against changes to ownership information and many more.
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In the last few years, hundreds of new gTLD's have been launched for different...
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