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About Domain The Net Technologies LTD.

Domain The Net is a provider of Digital Brand Security and Domain Management solutions. The company is an international domain name registrar and provides on-line registration services for domain names in over 200 countries and over 300 extensions in a variety of languages, Hosting services, Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), and more.
Domain The Net is a unique software development company, specializing in providing automatic and premium domain management solution for ISPs, and in developing and providing Digital Brand Security SAAS solutions (including Anti-Phishing, Anti Pharming and Domain Hijacking prevention) to corporations and other premium customers.

Accreditations, Partnerships & Cooperation

Domain The Net is an ICANN accredited registrar (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which is the international corporation responsible for the coordination and the technical management of the Internet’s Domain Name
System (DNS). The company is an accredited registrar for additional domain name extensions, and has partnerships and cooperation with a number of international  companies in the Domain Names business.

In the Israeli market, Domain The Net is the leading domain name registrar (accredited by ISOC IL). The company provides registration services to the leading Internet Service Providers, and has joint promotion and marketing activities with these companies. In addition it has cooperation with the leading Israeli portals
and other significant Internet companies.

The company provides Digital Brand Security services to leading companies from different industries - High Tech, Internet, Pharmaceuticals, Communication, Banking, Food, etc.

Technologies & Services

Domain The Net developed the Safetrix™, an easy to use domain name B2B system designed for ISP’s and premium corporate customers, which enables a friendly process of managing, controlling and processing numerous domain name registrations and renewals.
The system is focused on the special needs of ISPs and Corporate customers, featuring a modular architecture, which enables an adjustment to each company according to its needs.

Domain The Net is one of the few companies specializing in Digital Brand Security and Protection services. These services provide a solution for companies that are interested in protecting their domain names, their brand names and their intellectual property over the Internet. The company provides exclusive professional services, including carrying out Risk Analysis of the latent risks facing the organization with regard to the brands it owns; monitoring services for the renewal and management of domains owned by the organization, restoring lost domain names through negotiation and escrow services, and more.
The company is also develops unique Software As Service (SAS) solutions for Anti-Phishing, Anti-Pharming and Domain Hijacking prevention.

DTNT operates as the registry for the registration of full Hebrew IDNs, in three TLDs - .קום, .נט, .ארג (for example: ישראל.קום).
The solution was launched with all three major ISPs in Israel, enabling the resolution of DTNT’s IDN TLDs to 99% of the market, and based on the technology of International, the world’s leading provider of multilingual Internet technologies and solutions.


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