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You've reached to the right place to manage your domain
Where the price is affordable (from 58.50 nis. per year)
And the experience is vast (20 years of domains management )
And the process is short (10 min. only)

All that is left is to transfer your domain name over

Our Benefits:
Online account management system
An extensive experience domain management
A high level of security
Automated renewal reminders for your services
Professional service


How to transfer your domain from Godaddy?

  • Unlock your domain name for transfer
  • Log into your Godaddy account
  • Click "Manage All"
  • Check the box next to the domain that you wish to unlock
  • At the bottom of the page select "Off"

How to request an Authorization Code from Godaddy?

  • Log into your Godaddy account
  • Click on the domain you would like to manage
  • Under "Additional Settings" choose "Transfer domain away from GoDaddy"
  • A list should open, choose "Continue with the transfer"
  • Choose "Click here to see Authorization Code"

How to transfer the domain on the Domain The Net website

  • Go to Domain The Net domain transfer page (this page) on the website and perform the following steps
  • In the search bar, type the domain name that you would like to transfer over, and press "Enter" on your keyboard
  • Follow the instructions, and you will reach a payment page - after making the payment, an approval email will be sent to the domain's holder/li>
  • After the transfer has been approved by the domain holder, the transfer will be initiated and the domain should be transferred over after about 7 days

How to transfer your domain name from Enom?

Perform the following steps to unlock your domain:
  • Log into your Enom account
  • Enter the "Domains" menu and click on "My Domains"
  • Click on "General setting"
  • Click on "Disable" and press "Save"

How to request an Authorization code from Enom?

  • Log into your Enom account
  • Enter the "Domains" menu and click on "My Domains"
  • Select the domain that you would like to transfer
  • In the "Manage Domain" menu select "General Settings"
  • Click on "Email Auth Code to Registrant"
  • Click on "Click here to see Authorization Code"

Will my domain name be renewed during/after the transfer?

Whether the domain will be renewed or not depends on the TLD of your domain name. For example, domains under TLDs such as .com .net .online .shop and many others are renewed during a registrar transfer for at least one year. for ccTLDs ("Country domains" such as .US .FR .IT .IL) it depends on the specific ccTLD's policy, some may be renewed during the transfer.

Is transferring a domain with an IL extension free?

An .IL domain transfer procedure will usually not require a renewal or payment. However, in cases where the domain is close to its expiration date, a payment page will appear during the transfer process and will require you to enter your payment information, in order to renew the domain during the transfer.

How long is the Registrar transfer process?

The time it takes to transfer a domain between registrars is different for each TLD. For example, for gTLDs (.com .net .biz etc.) and some ccTLDs (.IL for example) a registrar transfer is usually completed within 7 days.

I've requested a domain transfer, but I didn't see the domain name in my account. Why?

Your domain name will appear in your account once the transfer has been completed successfully.
For most cases, a domain transfer will be completed within 7 days.
For your information, a domain transfer will be initiated once all of the necessary requirements have been fulfilled. The requirements are different between TLDs.

Will my domain cease to resolve during the transfer?

In some cases where the currently configured DNS servers belong to the domain registrar you are transferring out of, there's a strong possibility that the DNS servers would stop resolving during or after the transfer.
To avoid that, ask your current DNS provider for the zone-file of your domain name, and contact us so we can configure our own DNS servers with all of your NS records prior to the transfer.
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