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In today's dynamic world, there is only one way to communicate: quickly. Like you, your customers are always connected and checking notifications deciding which to open and which to ignore. In order to stand out among the massive amounts of marketing emails, you need to work keenly and professionally.

How to Stand out with a Business Email Address?

Use a business email address (containing your domain name) like

Awareness Professionalism Higher Rate of Emails Opened
Using your company’s website name in your business domain and in the business email address, will help the customer remember your company name and inevitably, website traffic and brand awareness increase. Your digital performance and branding will appear sharper and more professional.
Business email addresses project seriousness. Using an email address that contains your business name, makes it clear to your customers/ prospects that there is a reliable business behind the email they receive.
Sending a newsletter from a personal email address like,, is unprofessional and will not be taken seriously by prospects. Contrarily, when you send a newsletter from a branded email address, your positioning increases in the prospect’s mind and so does the chance of them opening your newsletter.
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