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The Best Hosting Solutions

Hosting package


$  33  49

For large sites, with heavy traffic

300 GB
Monthly Bandwidth:
50 GB
Email accounts:
Service and Support


$  22  73

Good choose for most websites

20 GB
Monthly Bandwidth:
25 GB
Email accounts:
Service and Support


$  9  06

For small sites with low traffic

1 GB
Monthly Bandwidth:
5 GB
Email accounts:
Service and Support
Hosting Add-Ons
Email protection
and Anti-Spam
Shared SSL
Encrypted access
Backup Services
Additional Database
BigBox (emails)

How to Choose Website Hosting Package which is Suitable to your Website?

Choosing a hosting package which is suitable to your website or business should match your needs and the website requirements. We offer three packages: The first one is a Business Email Package only, and the other two packages include both the Business Email Package, and a shared Website Hosting Server.

The Business Email Package, allows management of up to 20 different email accounts and offers the ability to create an email address for employees or affiliates who might need an address. This package does not include a website hosting server.

The other two packages, are suitable to anyone who needs a shared website hosting server. One package provides a smaller hard drive hosting space and is suitable for websites expecting low monthly traffic bandwidth, while the second package provides a larger hard drive hosting space and is suitable for websites expecting to use higher monthly traffic bandwidth.

The choice between the two packages depends on the nature of the website. For a basic website (image website, mini site, customer service website etc.) the basic package will be sufficient. For electronic commerce websites, portals, or vendors with large amounts of media the larger hosting packages are recommended. In any case, remember that you can always upgrade and change the hosting package accordingly. A smaller website can always be upgraded to a more suitable hosting package, when necessary.

Website Hosting in a Safe Location

Here, at Domain The Net, we offer our customers various services which include: business email packages, shared websites hosting servers with packages that vary from small storage capacity and monthly traffic bandwidth, to ones with a lager capacity.

As an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited domain registrar, Domain The Net is committed to hold the highest international standards when it comes to the quality and availability of information systems, level of service, operational methods, financial stability and more.

In addition to domain registration services, we offer our customers a variety of advanced website hosting packages at the best rates in Israel. The hosting packages include websites storage volumes and significant scale of information traffic volumes. It also includes sophisticated tools and options to manage and operate the website, special hosting services, supporting modern software and databases, and advanced options for building electronic commerce websites. Domain The Net provides a variety of internet services all be found in one place.

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