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The Best Hosting Solutions

Hosting package

PREMIUM hosting package

$  33  49

Best for large sites with heavy traffic.

300 GB
Monthly Bandwidth:
50 GB
Email accounts:
Service and Support

ADVANCED hosting package

$  22  73

Recommended for most websites, informative and e-commerce.

20 GB
Monthly Bandwidth:
25 GB
Email accounts:
Service and Support

Basic hosting package

$  9  06

Ideal For small corporate or informative websites, with low traffic

1 GB
Monthly Bandwidth:
5 GB
Email accounts:
Service and Support
Hosting Add-Ons
Email protection
and Anti-Spam
Shared SSL
Encrypted access
Backup Services
Additional Database
BigBox (emails)

How to choose the best website hosting package to your website?

Every website needs hosting – all the site's content, visuals, video clips, products, e-mail accounts and online store, must be stored on some server.

There are varied website hosting types, qualities and plans, choosing the most suitable one for your website is critical for the website's loading speed (for a website intended for Israeli audience, a local hosting server is recommended).

Hence, selecting a hosting package from a professional leading company that will insure suitable hosting plan to your sites traffic and storage space for your email accounts is important.

Domain The Net offers 3 "share hosting" website plans, considered of high standards as well as the most popular, and effective types of hosting plans.

With this type of plan, the "share hosting" server, hosts several websites, who use the same resources of the hosting server efficiently and economically.

Our 3 website hosting plans offer a reliable ideal website hosting solutions suitable for all kind of websites on the internet:

BASIC – Optimal for small websites with low traffic, mostly for Image websites and informative landing pages.

ADVANCE – Suitable for most websites, with online store, e-commerce, clips and images, customer service and registration.

PREMIUM – Suitable for heavy traffic sites, with online store and many products, lots of visuals and clips, registration and online clearing.

Remember, you can always upgrade your hosting plan according to your site's development and traffic.

Domain The Net's hosting advantages:

Locality: Site loading speed is one of the most influential parameters of google organic search results.

It's recommended to host websites on local servers who can enable faster site loading.

Website Security: As an authorized Registrar of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), Domain The Net is obligated to international high security standards regarding information security, quality and availability of information systems, customer and support service as well as Economic Stability.

Additional services: In addition to domain registration services, Domain The net offers complementary products: SSL certificates, Business email, Brand Protection and more.

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