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IDN Hebrew domain names under .il registration

On December 26th 2010 ISOC-IL launched the General Availability stage for IDN Hebrew domain names under .co.il and .org.il on a "first come-first served" basis, after the Pre-Registration stage for trademark owners has ended.

Hebrew domain names enable Hebrew speaking users to navigate the Internet in their native language. Customers will be able to type the companies or brands names in their original spelling with fewer mistakes or errors.
Registration costs only 115 NIS per year including V.A.T.

ISOC-IL started accepting requests for registration of Hebrew domains with a Latin TLD (Hybrid IDN). However, Domain The Net, in collaboration with Israel's biggest ISPs, already provides the possibility to register full Hebrew domain names(עברית.קום)  .
To register full Hebrew domain names contact us at: 03-7600500 or by email.

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