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Domain Mask
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Domain Mask is a service that protects your privacy online. When you register a domain your personal or company contact details are exposed to the public according to ICANN regulations. This may lead to spammers and other data miners using these details to send you spam and worse sometimes. With Domain Mask your contact details are kept private, even though you remain in control over the domain. Do not help the spammers, use Domain Mask.

The left box shows your details as displayed in the WHOIS database, and the right box shows the details as displayed with Domain Mask.

Your details with a regular domain:
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The details with Domain Mask:
Domain Services Ltd.
10 Ha-Menofim St.
Herzelya 4672561
Why do you need Domain Mask?
Like all ICANN accredited registrars we are obligated to display each individual's or organization's domain details. These details are displayed in a public database known as the WHOIS database. It displays all the domain registrant's key contact information, including yours. Spammers and other data miners, searching for contact details to be used for spam, mailing lists, etc., exploit the vulnerability of the WHOIS database to gather private information, even though it is illegal.
Domain The Net presents an excellent solution: Domain Mask.
Under Domain Mask your contact details stays private and on the WHOIS database we put our information. The domain will still be under your full control but you will no longer be exposed to spam, data mining, harassment and other inconveniences that come when listed in the WHOIS database. This service is suitable only for domains under the .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info extensions.
Please Notice:
If your domain name is not registered with Domain The Net, you need to transfer the domain to Domain The Net's management (which includes 1 year renewal) and only then order the Domain Mask service for this domain. To transfer a domain click here.
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