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The vulnerability of the domain system allows for domain related security problems such as domain hijacking, pharming attacks, fraud, industrial espionage and more. Dealing with these increasing security problems is essential to prevent malicious attacks that lead to revenue decline and brand equity losses. BrandShield's unique domain security solutions monitor and secure domains from unwanted changes, and create the highest level of security in the market. BrandShield also developed anti-phishing and anti-pharming solutions, providing monitoring and SAAS solutions against these constantly developing risks.

NameLock - secures a domain name at the registrar. This solution prevents changes to the domain name and its settings. NameLock™ prevents an unauthorized party from breaking into an organization’s domain name account and altering the domain settings to "steal" or disable the organization's website, hijack or disable its email systems and online communications or execute a domain hijacking for the purpose of pharming attacks.

NameWatch - monitors the database of a domain name's registry. Its aim is to prevent hijacks, thefts, unauthorized registrar transfers, and undesirable changes that can hijack or disable a company's website operation or email caused by attacks at the Top Level Domain (TLD) registry. The NameWatch™ system monitors the databases of approximately 200 registries that are responsible for managing domain extensions on the web.

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