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Brand Protection Solutions

BrandShield was established by Domain The Net to develop a cyber intelligence technology intended to revolutionize online brand protection, and affiliate monitoring.
Its technology-based solution provides an advanced and automated metrics driven analysis of online risks, advanced enforcement tools, and significant information regarding the use of the brand across different digital marketing channels.

The BrandShield System dramatically improves the way organizations can manage and protect their digital brand by providing the highest level of business intelligence for online brand management. Its innovative technology makes brand protection possible for organizations of all sizes.

BrandShield is suitable for a direct use by organizations as well as by their legal advisors and their marketing and branding advisors.
Our robust, patented technology 
combines monitoring capabilities and sophisticated algorithms, to find trademark infringements, counterfeits and brand abuse.

BrandShield finds infringements and enables the monitoring and analysis of affiliates and partners' activities across multiple platforms:

Web monitoring module – monitors for abuse over the web including content, logos, infringing domain names in all-
ccTLDs, gTLDs and New gTLDs, etc.

Marketplaces module
an automated, algorithm-based solution to monitor sales on marketplaces such as eBay, Ali-Express, Tao-Bao, etc. 

Mobile Apps modulescans major app stores and finds abusive apps.

PPC Ads module scans and monitors ads on Google and Bing to identify fraudsters that divert traffic to competitors or counterfeit websites.

Social Media Module scans major social media platforms to find abusive activities and counterfeit sales.

For additional information and to get a demo with a dedicated scan of your brand please contact BrandShield >>> 
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