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The New gTLDs Revolution
The Internet is about to change!
How does this affects you?
For quite a long time, one of the biggest issues in creating a new website is selecting the site's name (the domain). Most of the good domain names (short, catchy and memorable) are already taken and we are forced to settle for long, difficult and hard to remember alternatives.
Starting 2013 the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is expected to launch over 1000 new gTLDs, and that will change the way we find information on the net.
From now on, the number of available domain names will greatly expand. New gTLDs will be available, sorted by topics. You will now be able to choose a more attractive, memorable and intuitive domain name that will better suit the characteristics of your site or business. Your clients too will be able to find you more easily!
Why register new gTLDs domains?
A great opportunity to catch a relevant, short and memorable domain name
Raise awareness to your business or brand
Differentiate your company from other companies online with a relevant unique website address
Make your site stand out from the competition
More visitors will associate your site to the nature of your business, immediately and intuitively
Time Table
The new gTLDs will be launched gradually in the following year and a half. Every month, new gTLDs and new opportunities will be available. To try and catch the new gTLD domains you are interested in, you can use Domain The Net's reliable pre-registration service.
Marketing Process
The new gTLDs launch process should take a long time and may change in time. Pre-registration allows you to plan ahead and select all domain names with different new gTLDs according to your needs (regardless of the specific launch dates). When a new gTLD you requested becomes available for registration, a message will be sent to you in the relevant date, so that you can finalize the domain registration. The pre-registration is free and without obligation on your behalf.
Sunrise period is an early registration stage in which registered trademark holders may register new gTLDs domain names matching their trademarks. Registration during the sunrise period can only be applied using the TMCH process (Trade Mark Clearing House).
This is a stage in early registration, available for a limited time after the Sunrise process. Anyone may apply to register new gTLDs domains during the Landrush period (with no need for a registered trademark). If more than one registration application is submitted for one domain, the owner of that domain will be decided by an auction between the interested parties, in compliance with the policy of the registry.
After completing the early stages for each new gTLD (separately), a new gTLD will be open for public registration, on a first-come-first-serve basis. Some limitations may be applied for certain new gTLDs (as determined by the registry). You must meet these criteria to be able to register domains under these new gTLDs.
How do you participate in the Sunrise stage (early registration)?
To apply for register a new gTLD domain during the Sunrise period you must join the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). The TMCH is a mechanism created by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that allows registered trademark owners to add their trademarks to one central database before and during the marketing of the new gTLDs.
Registering and protecting domain names during early registration in all the new gTLDs will only be possible for trademarks registered with the TMCH.
Additionally, owner of a trademark registered with the TMCH will get alerts when domains that match this trademark are registered in the first 90 days of each newly available gTLD.
All trademark owners, person or company, may participate in the TMCH process by applying with their trademarks. When the TMCH receives an application, they will verify the details and the applicant's trademark rights.
New gTLDs pre-registration
Pre-registration is meant to save you time and make sure you will not miss the registration process for each new gTLD. During the pre-registration period, you may choose domain names you are interested in. The new gTLDs launch process is long, and some of the new gTLDs do not have their launch dates. If you pre-register a domain, we will send you an email message to complete the registration process, as soon as this new gTLD is available for registration and in compliance with the policy of the registry.
The pre-registration process is simple and easy. The domain names you select in every new gTLD will be added to your cart and saved for you under your account at Domain The Net. The pre-registration is free of charge and without any obligation on your behalf. You will only have to pay for the new gTLDs domain names that will successfully be registered with the registry, and only after approving the email message sent to you when the relevant new gTLD is available for registration. Only then will your information be delivered to registration and your credit card charged. You will be able to approve only some of the domains you applied for during the pre-registration stage.
New gTLDs registration process updates
Hundreds of new gTLDs will be available for registration, and not all the details are set just yet, some changes may occur in the registration processes. Domain The Net will update you on changes made to the launch process of your pre-registered domain names, such as price updates, dates changed and other relevant updates.