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The Green Bar - SSL certificate with extended validation


Extended validation was created to provide a solution to the significant rise in Internet fraud cases, which occur at any given moment, erode surfers' trust in websites and affect the completion of transactions over the Internet. In a 2005 study conducted by Forrester Research Inc. it was found that approximately 84% of the respondents did not feel that companies and websites invest enough resources in dealing with security issues.

Extended validation is performed by the party approving the SSL certificates (i.e.: Thawte, VeriSign, etc.), that verify the company details by several means and certificates required for the validation process, such as authenticate the domain owners' details, verify the company details by presenting various original documents and incorporation documents. 

SSL certificates with extended validation automatically activates the green bar as an indication of the highest security level possible, and demonstrates  the high security level of the site visually and clearly to your customers. This technology increases the surfers' confidence and the percentage of transactions conducted on your site.

As a result of the ability to identify the EV SSL certificates easily, the surfers' feeling of safety rises dramatically and that raises the conversion percentage of e-commerce sites, sites that collect information on interested customers, sites that manage customer service via the site and more.

Extended validation includes:

  • Extended visual validation with a green bar
  • 40-bit up to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • $100,000 minimum warranty
  • Installation testing


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