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What is SSL - How it works


Secure Sockets Layer technology is the common standard for transferring secured information over the Internet. SSL certificate uses a unique encryption key, installed on the Internet server, which exclusively decodes the coded information. When buying an SSL certificate for your website, a lock image will be displayed in the browser. For the more advanced certificates with the EV (Extended Validation) the entire address bar is painted green, making the use of an advanced SSL certificate more noticeable.
To demonstrate the importance of the SSL certificates, you can imagine a letter mailed inside a transparent envelope. Anybody who holds the envelope can see its content. If this content is valuable, the letter might be stolen or replaced. With an SSL certificate you are basically establishing a private communication channel, providing encryption for the transferred information. The encryption scrambles the information and creates a sealed envelope, protected from hackings and surveillance by unauthorized parties, to maintain the privacy of that information.


The importance of the encryption

  • Protected and safe purchase of online products and services by credit card.
  • Protection of sensitive and private information entered by website visitors like their address, i.d. number, birth date etc., and preventing that data accessed by unauthorized parties.

SSL technology protects your website and increases surfers' trust in you and your brand in 3 ways:

  1. An SSL certificate provides encryption for sensitive information transferred during oline transactions.
  2. All SSL certificates contain authenticated information about the certificate owner (website owner).
  3. The most recognized and trusted security seal displayed in your website.

How the encryption works
The SSL protocol allows the surfer's browser to communicate with the website he is currently visiting, and establish an encrypted communication channel. After the encrypted channel is established, the surfer can enter private and sensitive information (i.e.: i.d. number, credit card number etc.) in a secured manner.

The SSL functions
  • Validate the server, being connected by the surfer.
  • Establish a secured communication channel by encrypting the information transferred between the website and the surfer. It is similar to a document protected by a password, only the password holder can read the document.
  • Verify that the information, transferred from the computer, is complete and impeccable. If the server finds an error in the information transferred, the server automatically repeats the process, so that the surfer's browser will re-transfer the information.
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