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Web Server Certificate with EV - Thawte SSL Certificate

SSL Web Server certificate with EV is a certificate that displays the green bar in the URL address. The EV method is the new validation standard, visually indicating to customersthat  the Internet site was validated and secured to the highest level.  Therefore, surfers can immediately and visually identify the site's level of security, and have high confidence in the sites using EV certificates when they need to execute sensitive information transfer activities or on-line purchasing. This certificate includes extended validation represented in the green bar, Thawte® Trusted Site Seal for site authentication and a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Extended validation for the organization
  • Supports IDN-type domain names
  • 128-bit minimum to 256-bit encryption for most browsers
  • Thawte Trusted Site Seal
  • 1-10 days issuance time
  • Supported by 99% of the browsers
  • 30-Day trial with no obligation
  • Up to $750,000 warranty
Certificate SSL Web Server Certificate with EV - SSL - Of Thawte
Certificate Duration Price Discount
1 $ 510 Full Price
2 $ 892.5 Saving $ 127.5
*All prices are excluding vat

Increasing the potential income while reducing the dangers of fraud with EV
Extended validation provides your customers full confidence to execute on-line operations at a high level of security, without fear of phishing fraud. The method of extended validation is the new validation standard in Internet browsers. The address bar of the browser changes to green and the extended validation certificate owners' information is presented in 18 available languages. Confidential information transferred while purchasing, conducting bank transactions, secured sites entry, customer connection to account details on several service providers and more, can be protected with this certificate.
Immediate and easy issue and receipt of SSL certificates by an advanced system
Domain The Net Technologies is the only organization in Israel that allows you to issue SSL certificates online.  With the advanced system, issuing certificates can be done immediately and easily. The SSL certificates management system allows you to execute various activities, such as renewal, multiple certificates management, details updates, receiving reports, etc.
Customers interested in purchasing multiple certificates benefit from additional discounts
For additional details, call our Customer Service at +972-3-7600500 or press here to contact us through our website.
Join the Business Partners Program (Resellers)
Companies providing computer services and communications infrastructures, website building companies, hosting companies, etc., interested in supplying SSL certificates to their customers may submit a request to join Domain The Net's leading Business Partners Program and enjoy special service at attractive prices.
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