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Secure Site Pro with EV - VeriSign SSL Certificate

Extended Validation with the green bar for the highest security level, grants your customers the confidence to carry out online activities with the highest level of security and no fear of phishing fraud.

VeriSign Secure Site Pro with EV is the only SSL certificate that combines the highest level of reliability with the strongest existing encryption.  Extended Validation with the green bar is the new standard for validating Internet browsers.  The address bar turns green and shows the extended validation certificate owner's details, as well as those of the Certifying Authority (CA) that issued the certificate. The status bar shows that the operation or transaction is encrypted and that the organization received certification according to the toughest existing standards.  This certificate includes maximum encryption for each surfer in the site by using SGC (Server Gated Cryptography) so that 99.9% of the surfers will be protected by a minimum of 128-bit encryption even when surfing with a simple browser, while those surfing with more advanced browsers will enjoy a 256-bit encryption.

  • Extended validation with the green bar
  • SGC component for maximum encryption for 99.99% of the browsers
  • 128-bit minimum to 256-bit encryption
  • Up to $1,500,000 warranty
  • Recognized VeriSign Secured® Seal
  • 30-Day trial with no obligation
Certificate Secure Site Pro with EV - SSL - Of Verisign
Validity (years) Price Discount
1 $ 1150 Full Price
*All prices are excluding vat

The strongest certificates in the world from the most reliable internet security provider
VeriSign is the SSL certificate provider for 95% of the Fortune 500 companies and 40 of the largest banks in the world.  These organizations trust VeriSign as a result of its experience and reputation in the most advanced encryption technologies and strictest authentication methods. Displaying the green bar and the well-known VeriSign Secured® Seal mark, the most recognized security seal among Internet users, has a direct effect on the site's conversion rate and assists in improving your online sales.
Immediate and easy issue and receipt of SSL certificates by an advanced system
Domain The Net Technologies is the only organization in Israel that allows you to issue SSL certificates online. With the advanced system, issuing certificates can be done immediately and easily. The SSL certificates management system allows you to execute various activities, such as renewal, multiple certificates management, details updates, receiving reports, etc.

Customers interested in purchasing multiple certificates benefit from additional discounts
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Join the Business Partners Program (Resellers)
Companies providing computer services and communications infrastructures, website building companies, hosting companies, etc., interested in supplying SSL certificates to their customers may submit a request to join Domain The Net's leading Business Partners Program and enjoy great service at attractive prices.
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