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Country: Albania Per year
www. .al
Requirements for .al
Registration in the .AL TLD does not require a local presence in Albania, however .COM.AL does.
Why get .al
Registering a .AL domain name is a great way to expand your internet presence in Albania and in Europe!
The Republic of Albania is a country in Southeast Europe that has declared its independence in 1912 from the Ottoman Empire.
The Albanian republic is a parliamentary democracy where the head of state in Albania is the President of the Republic.
Albania is divided into 12 administrative counties that are divided into 61 municipalities.
About Albania
Albania has a population of about 3,023,278 residents, with an area of 28,748 sq km.
Tourism in Albania has grown exponentially since 2005- from half a million tourists in 2005 to 4 million tourists in 2012.
In Albania you will find two World Heritage Sites- Butrint and Gjirokastër.
The most popular sports in Albania are Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming and Gymnastics.
Country ID
Capital: Tiran
Language: Albanian
Currency: Albanian lek
Continent: Europe
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