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www. .insurance
Why get .insurance
The .Insurance gTLD is the top level domain for insurance providers and distributors.
To register a .Insurance domain name, the provider/ distributer must pass a validation proccess by fTLD, making .Insurance a trusted, verified and more secure location online.
All .INSURANCE domains must meet strict Security Requirements, and only verified members of the global insurance community will be approved.
Domain names in this gTLD can be registered from 1 year and up to 10 years.
This gTLD does not support IDN`s, and cannot be registered under a trustee.
This gTLD is DNSSEC ready.
Minimum character length        1
Maximum character length       63
Allowed characters       a-z, 0-9, -
Non-standard domains have non-uniform registration and renewal pricing.
Organizations and individuals applying for .Insurance domain name registration must also accept the registration terms and agreements of FTLD- the .insurance registry:
Pre-Registration Sunrise Landrash General Availability
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