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 Registering a .EE domain name is a great way to expand your internet presence in Estonia and Europe!
The Republic of Estonia is a country in North East Europe That declared its independence from Russia and Germany in February 1918.
Over the 20` century Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union, then by Nazi Germany and then again by the Soviet Union.
Estonia regained its independence in 1991, and in 1994 the Russian Armed Forces left the state.
About Estonia
Estonia has a population of about 1,265,420 residents, with an area of ​​45,228 sq km, and the country is divided into 15 districts.
Tourists in Estonia comes mostly from Finland, and in 2007 about 3.5 million tourists visited from around the world.
Popular tourist attractions in Estonia are museums, castles, forts, art galleries, hiking, ancient churches and more.
The country's most popular sports are basketball, skiing, tennis, cycling, wrestling and Ice Yachting.
Country ID
Capital: Tallinn
Language: Estonian
Currency: Euro
Continent: Europe
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