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Proven Results with the VeriSign Seal
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(1)   Give your customers the confidence to click
Growing fear from fake websites, viruses and identity theft have made consumers reluctant to click on links to websites they are not familiar with. As a result small businesses have difficulties to instill confidence to buy, sign-in and share online. Displaying the well-known and well-trusted VeriSign Trust Seal helps in generating customer's confidence in your website and brands.Choose the right product for your website.

(2)   Maximize conversions to your sopping cart
Many small businesses use third party shopping cart software, secured by a VeriSign SSL certificate, which also enables them to display the VeriSign Seal on checkout pages. Displaying the VeriSign Trust Seal in all stages of the browsing and buying process in your website, shows your website visitors they can trust your website, and maximizes click through to your shopping cart. Show your visitors they can trust your website before they checkout.

(3)   Minimize shopping cart abandonment
Researches show that online customers are more confident to click and enter personal information on websites that display security indications. Websites displaying the VeriSign Seal enjoy an increase of 10-34% in sales and online transactions. 2009 American survey found that 11% of the respondents decided not to purchase online if they did not see the VeriSign logo (VeriSign Brand Tracking Research, 2009).

(4)   Choose the right seal for you
The VeriSign Trust Seal is an extension of the highly trusted VeriSign Secured Seal. The VeriSign Secured Seal indicates that a website is secured by a VeriSign SSL Certificate and authenticated by VeriSign. If you do not collect sensitive information or conduct transactions on your website, or your checkout is through a third party service provider, you do not need an SSL certificate and the VeriSign Trust Seal is the right seal for you. Choose the right product for you.

Note: If your website uses SSL you must use VeriSign SSL in order to display the VeriSign Trust Seal.

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