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Trust SealVeriSign Trust Seal shows the world that VeriSign verified your identity, and that your website has passed a malware scan by VeriSign. The biggest companies in the world secure their websites with VeriSign and instill confidence in customers by showing the VeriSign Seal. Any website can now build trust and customer loyalty with the help of the VeriSign Trust Seal.

Properties and benifits

Increase traffic, loyalty and online sales. Displaying the VeriSign Trust Seal shows your customers they can visit your website, buy products or services online and share content with their friends safely, protected by the leading security brand online.

  • Display the no. 1 trust mark on the Internet: VeriSign Trust Seal shows visitors that your website is secured by the world leader in online trust, and gives them the confidence to browse, sign in and purchase online.

  • Stand out in search engines results: Seal-in-Search™* is a VeriSign mark displayed next to your link in search results, so your website stands out from the competitors and you enjoy increased traffic to your website. Learn more about the Seal-in-Search.

  • Protect your website and its visitors from malware: Daily website malware scan to assist you protect your website from being blacklisted by search engines, and reduce the risk of harming your customer's computers when visiting your website. Learn more about Malware.

  • Confirm your identity: A proven and established authentication process conducted by VeriSign to show potential customers that VeriSign has verified your identity and that you are the legitimate owner or operator of the website.

  • Technical support by email or phone during business hours, and 24h access to online support knowledge base and guides.

299$ (less than 25$ per month) - an effective and inexpensive way to establish your brand and instill confidence in your customers.

Note: If you use an SSL certificate in your website, you must use VeriSign SSL to display the VeriSign Trust Seal.

 * Seal-in-Search is enabled by VeriSign collaboration with third party technology providers and website owners. It is visible in over 75 million personal computers. VeriSign is constantly working to make the Seal-in-Search as common and familiar as possible. However, VeriSign and Domain The Net can not guarantee its availability for all browsers and all users.


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