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תעודות ssl של VeriSign – החזקות בעולם  VeriSign  Trust Seal - פרטי המוצר


Trust SealVeriSign Trust Seal shows the world that VeriSign verified your identity, and that your website has passed a malware scan by VeriSign. The biggest companies in the world secure their websites with VeriSign and instill confidence in customers by showing the VeriSign Seal. Any website can now build trust and customer loyalty with the help of the VeriSign Trust Seal.

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With the VeriSign Trust Seal Any website can build confidence, credibility and loyalty online:

  • E-commerce shops: Perfect for retailers that outsource their shopping cart. Display the VeriSign Trust Seal to instill confidence for customers to browse and shop in your website.

  •  Publishers: Traffic and clicks are essential to your online success. Stand out in search results to attract more visitors. Use the VeriSign Trust Seal to establish trust to promote click-throughs.

  • Small business owners: You have already established your reputation in your local area. VeriSign Trust Seal helps you reach the same level of reputation and better on the Internet.

  • Sales, registrations and sensitive data: If you collect or share personal information through your website, you should keep this information private with a VeriSign SSL certificate.


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