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Trust SealVeriSign Trust Seal shows the world that VeriSign verified your identity, and that your website has passed a malware scan by VeriSign. The biggest companies in the world secure their websites with VeriSign and instill confidence in customers by showing the VeriSign Seal. Any website can now build trust and customer loyalty with the help of the VeriSign Trust Seal.

Easy install

Installing the VeriSign Trust Seal is as easy as adding an image to a web page. After applying for the VeriSign Trust Seal, VeriSign verifies your business information and scan your website for malware. When the verification process and the scan are completed, an email alert will be sent to you.

1)     Choose a display language and the desired seal size, and submit your website name.
2)     Click "Create your script", copy the script and paste it straight to your web pages.
3)     Check the pages in your website that you pasted the script into. Javascript automatically displays the seal.

When visitors click the seal in your website, they can see the verified information you provided for VeriSign (such as company name, state, city etc.), and the result of your website most recent malware scan performed by VeriSign.

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