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Trust is essential for any website. The VeriSign Trust Seal show potential customers that your organization and website have been verified by the most recognized and trusted online security brand - VeriSign.
(1)   Stand out in search results
Help potential customers choose your website in search results. The Seal-in-Search* plug-in displays the VeriSign Trust Seal next to your link in search results. Your potential customers can instantly know that your website has been verified by VeriSign. Learn more about the VeriSign Trust Seal.
Download the free AVG LinkScanner browser plug-in and see an example of the search results display of the VeriSign Trust Seal.

(2)   Put trust in your professional identity
Trust is 10 times more important than price when it comes to online transactions (VeriSign Brand Tracking Research, 2008). However, small and local businesses struggle to establish a clear professional identity online. A small investment in purchasing the VeriSign Trust Seal helps you establish a safe, trusted and professional look to your website, Learn more about the VeriSign Trust Seal.

(3)   Show your site is secured
Growing fear from fake websites, viruses and identity theft have made consumers reluctant to click on links to websites they are not familiar with. As a result small businesses have difficulties to instill confidence to buy, sign-in and share online. Displaying the well-known and well-trusted VeriSign Trust Seal helps in generating customer's confidence in your website and brands.Learn more about the VeriSign Trust Seal.

(4)   Protect your reputation and customer's trust
Malware is malicious software planted by hackers without your consent or even know about it in order to spread viruses, computer hijacking or stealing sensitive information (i.e.: credit card numbers). Malware can harm your brand and reputation significantly. It can also damage your customer's computers only for visiting your website.
With VeriSign Trust Seal, your website will go through a daily malware scan. If malware is found you will be alerted with detailed information on what should you do to remove it. Learn more about Malware.

*        Seal-in-Search is enabled by VeriSign collaboration with third party technology providers and website owners. It is visible in over 75 million personal computers. VeriSign is constantly working to make the Seal-in-Search as common and familiar as possible. However, VeriSign and Domain The Net can not guarantee its availability for all browsers and all users.

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