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Verisign Code Signing certificate

תעודות ssl של VeriSign – החזקות בעולם

VeriSign® Code Signing creates a digital "shrink-wrap" for the code and content to protect software publishers and users when they download a software, code or content over the Internet and mobile networks. Digital signatures authenticate the source and verify the intactness of the content.
VeriSign® Code Signing certificates adventages
Increase the usage and distribution of the software through online downloads
Aids in building a reliable brand by reducing error messages and security warnings
Protect the user from downloading corrupted files.
The leading solution in the market: VeriSign supports more platforms than any other provider.
Code Signing certificate for Microsoft® Authenticode®
Digital signature for user-mode software in 32-bit or 64-bit (.exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi and .xpi files) and kernel-mode software
Recognized by Microsoft Windows® Logo software
Sun Java  >>
Code Signing for Sun Java™.
Digital signature for .jar files and Netscape Object signature
Recognized by JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
Code Signing certificate for Microsoft® Office and VBA.
Digital signature for VBA objects and macros
For Microsoft Office applications and third-party applications using VBA
Adobe AIR  >>
Code Signing certificate for Adobe® AIR™
Digital signature for .air and .airi files
Required by all AIR-based applications

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